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How To Look After You - In Winter

Rainy Day

I am writing this blog as I have finally recovered from a tormenting, 4 week long cold. It is that time of year when everyone around us is sniffling but how can we allow ourselves to accept we are unwell, manage our day-to-day life and ensure we make a speedy recovery?

Here are some tips:

First Things First…Rest!

Rest is essential to recovery but it will only work if you actually do it. Feeling tired and run-down makes you more vulnerable to illness so avoid the temptation to drag yourself into work or other commitments. The sooner you lie down and rest, the sooner you'll feel like getting up again.

Manage Your Work

If you work in a demanding workplace, let your co-workers know you are out of the office because you are unwell. If it is not the sort of place that will leave you alone, then try telling colleagues you will be checking your emails at the end of the day only. Ask a colleague to be responsible for any ‘emergencies’ in your absence; you’ll be surprised how people can manage if they know that you are just not available.

Give Yourself Permission

…to feel unwell and to be allowed to change plans, cancel meetings and put yourself first. Feeling guilty about being poorly serves no purpose at all; it certainly won’t make you feel better any quicker. Treat yourself as you would your best friend or loved one.

Manage Your Life

Life goes on but its okay to take a break and don’t be afraid to call on favours from friends, family and neighbours. You’ll be surprised how much people like to help whether its picking up the kids, doing some shopping or bringing some home made soup over. If you can, take a couple of minutes just to clean up the area around you but then get back into bed – this will help you feel a little brighter.

Eat Well

Ensure your body is receiving all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy, eating well and knowing that you are taking care of yourself will automatically make you feel more positive and in control.

It’s suggested to consume foods that are rich in:

Vitamin C: An important vitamin and anti-oxidant, your body uses Vitamin C to stay strong and healthy. It can be found in oranges, peppers, kiwi fruit and strawberries.

Vitamin E: Helps to maintain a healthy immune system. You can find it in spinach, nuts, sunflower seeds, avocados and fish.

Zinc: Helps our bodies to produce new enzymes, as well as increase immune health. Zinc can be found in meat, spinach, cashew nuts and dairy foods.

Manuka Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to ease the symptoms of a cold. You can add this to teas and coffee.

Treat Yourself

If you’ve been successful in giving up the guilt then allow yourself to catch up on that new TV series you’ve been meaning to get into, read that book or watch your favourite movie you’ve already seen 17 times.

Don't Rush Recovery

It’s far too tempting to jump out of bed the minute you start to feel better but try to ease yourself back into a routine. Getting back into the office could mean a long, stressful commute, after work meetings/socials not to mention the added workload from the time you have had off. Also avoid rushing back to any exercise routines until you are feeling 100%.

Look After Each Other

If you are lucky enough to not be ill, don't let that stop you taking care of those around you. Keep yourself protected with antibacterial products and keeping a distance! But you could offer to walk the dog, make someone a cuppa or prepare some nourishing food. Doing the little things that we can for ourselves - as well as for each other is what keeps us feeling good, staying healthy and having a positive, happy state of mind.

For further medical advice and information on when to see a doctor please see here:

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