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Can Counselling Help Me?


Counselling provides you with the opportunity to talk about any difficulties you may be experiencing, to identify areas of your life where you would like to see some change, and it will allow you to be listened to in a way which assists you to understand yourself better.


Even when we have great support from family, friends and colleagues we can often still feel alone with our issues – and perhaps feel as though we do not want to burden those closest to us with these. That is where professional, independent and non-judgemental support from a trained counsellor can help.


Counselling can help you to explore any of those difficult feelings and help to empower you to work out some ways of living your life more positively or constructively. The aim is to help you identify the changes you wish to make to your life and support you through working towards a life that is more satisfying and resourceful.


You may benefit if you know in advance what to expect; please read through the ‘My Therapy’ section so you can decide for yourself whether counselling with myself feels right for you.


You could also, of course contact me anytime through the enquiry form, or call to book an initial free, 15 minute consultation.


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